What should a novice pay attention to when starting a cat?

First of all, deworming, both in vitro and in vivo need, in vitro can use flayon or big pet drops, can eliminate fleas, ear mites, safe and effective. The body can use the Bayer cat with deworming drugs, whether the subsequent need to deworming depends on the cat’s living environment, if it is indoors, 2 times a year or so deworming is basically enough. It is recommended to have a regular injection of cat triplets every year, starting from the kittens can be played. If it is to eat cat food, conditional suggestions to choose imported natural food, better such as NOW! It is not recommended to use cat food bought in supermarkets. Cats don’t like to drink water very much. In order to make cats drink more water, you can put more drinking bowls at home. When you feed cans, you can add water to them. Generally, cats will quickly learn to go to the toilet in cat litter. It is recommended to use a closed cat toilet, which will smell less. You can try pine cat litter, which will smell less and is easier to clean. The best tool for tickling a cat is the tickling stick. And cats are very independent animals, so there’s basically no problem staying home alone. Cats like to climb up high and watch their territory, so furniture in your home should be arranged so that the cat can jump to the highest place (such as the top of cabinets). However, we should pay attention to the safety of vases, porcelain ornaments, watches, mobile phones and other objects. It is best not to let the cat touch falling from a high place, otherwise the consequences may be very serious. In summer, the cat will shed more hair, and the long-haired cat is more serious. It is best to have a vacuum cleaner to deal with the hair at home. In addition, you can use a molting comb to remove the floating hair in advance, which can effectively prevent and control the hair loss. Cats are very good at taking care of their own animals, usually as long as the house is still clean, the cat can basically do not take a bath, really feel sorry, wash once a month is about the same. For the safety of your sofa to be ready early cat scratch plate, corrugated or hemp rope can, however, it also could not ensure the absolute safety of your sofa, every week to a cat’s paw your nails regularly, pay attention to not cut too much, don’t cut into the pink tissue, recommend the use of special tools cat with a nail clipper, also can choose and employ persons make do. Having your cat spayed or neutered at the age of 8 months can save you a lot of trouble (such as peeing, crying), but you can ignore this advice if you feel it is inhumane or unsafe. A cat house may not be a worthwhile investment, and you may find that you paid a fortune for a cat house and he won’t give a damn.