Top 10 Small Dogs for your Family

Dogs are friends of human beings. For people who want to keep a pet dog and worry about the large dog’s size, it is more advantageous to choose a small dog than a petite one. Small dogs are better kept in a suite or apartment than large dogs. They can move around better in a building and have easier daily care such as bathing. Of course, the key is that most small dogs are lively and lovely, very popular. Below, let’s take a look at 10 small dogs that are suitable to keep as companion dogs in the home.

1, commanding,

Pomeranian is a Pomeranian dog, originally from Germany. German fox dog is a kind of color, white, yellow cream, color, black, red, brown and so on, because of its appearance like a small squirrel, it is also called squirrel dog. Pomeranians are small dogs with fluffy fur that takes time to groom. No obvious body odor, outgoing naughty lovely personality, often get dust, so it needs to be cleaned regularly. The Pomeranian is known for being clingy, excitable and barking, and adaptable, making it a small breed suitable for domestic use.

2, teddy

Teddy is not a dog breed, teddy is actually a poodle dressed up to look like a teddy bear. The poodle is also known as a “poodle” or “poodle”. Its coat color can be white, brown, black or tan. Poodle temperament lively, quick thinking, strong and confident pace, training is very easy, can be said to be a smart and elegant small dog. Teddy is easy to win people’s love because of its unique temperament and changeable shape. Cute poodle often gives people a beautiful and smart impression.

3, than the bear

The bichon Frise, originally known as the Barbican, is an adorable breed with curious black eyes and a small, fluffy tail that sticks to its back and resembles a fluffy, soft marshmallow when folded together. Bichounds are gentle and witty, with a cheerful and playful personality; Adaptable and loyal to its master, it also has a strong personality. They also have an advantage over beardogs in that they don’t shed their fur easily.

4, corgi

Full name Welsh Corgi, this is a small dog, hair color has light yellow short hair, golden short hair, red short hair, tan and so on; One of the characteristics of corgi is its big butt and short legs, which are super cute and cute. Besides, corgi is brave, energetic and alert. It can also protect the home, making it one of the most popular small guard dogs. Corgis are easy to train, family friendly and make great friends with children.

5. Pugs

Pug dog is also known as the pug dog, black, silver, apricot yellow, light yellow brown and other colors, this is a stable temperament of small dogs, is characterized by small amount of exercise and low damage. The pug has bright and lovely eyes, but with more wrinkles on its face, giving a feeling of melancholy and worry. Its glossy fur, tightly curled tail and chubby face make it laugh as it walks like a confident boxer. With contrast meng pug, calm and friendly, is a rare top companion dog.


Papillons, also known as papillons and Babylonians, are native to France and can be regarded as playdogs and companion dogs. Black, white, brown or with tan patches, rich hair, silky touch when handled. Papillons are admired by people for their ears dancing like butterfly wings. They are intelligent, bold and easy to train. They obey their master’s instructions and do not bark casually.


Chihuahuas are one of the smallest dog breeds in the world, with a rounded head like an apple, large, thin upright ears and round eyes like glass beads. The color has light yellow brown, black, red, brown or with spots and so on; Chihuahuas not only look clever, character is also very clever, provoking love. Chihuahuas are small but quick, lively and brave, intelligent and loyal to their owners. The lack of hair makes it necessary to wear a coat in winter, which happens to suit people who like to dress up their dogs.

8. Miniature Schnauzers

The miniature Schnauzer is a terrier, usually by the ordinary schnauzer and small dog cross to get a miniature schnauzer dog breed, gray, white, black and other colors. Schnauzer energetic, lively character, the appearance of the eye-catching is the mouth around the hair is very strong, like Santa Claus beard, provoking love. Mini Schnauzer with unique temperament is very suitable for home breeding, is a rare good partner.

9. Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu originated in the 17th century from Tibet, China, and is believed to be a cross between a Lhasa dog and a Peking dog. Shih Tzu’s body hair is rich, long and fluffy, because the hair on its head radially grows in all directions, just like a blooming chrysanthemum, so it has the nickname of “Chrysanthemum face dog”. Shih Tzu is healthy, cheerful and optimistic, gentle and clever, like to get close to human beings, can get along harmoniously, suitable for domestic. 

10. Maltese

Maltese, also known as Maltese dog, Maltese Island hound, with bichon Frise pedigree. Maltese dog with a long silk like pure white long hair, can do all kinds of modeling, face embedded with a pair of oval black bright eyes, let a person feel sweet and lovely. Maltese is friendly, alert, intelligent and lively. He is very friendly to children, easy to train and obedient. He is the best playmate for children and one of the best small pet dogs for domestic use.