Top 10 Dogs for beginners!

Many people have a dog for the first time, often have a question puzzled themselves, what should keep a dog?

Because some people like small animals, but they can not keep for a long time, not long time to keep alive, the following small make up to tell you, which dogs are easier to keep!

Top dogs for beginners:

1, the golden retriever

Golden retrievers are popular lovers, with high appearance, high IQ, friendly to people, and very warm, and good physique. They are a good choice for first-time dog owners. The only bad thing is that the shedding situation is quite serious. Often feeding people, or commodity food with large oil and salt, can easily lead to coarse golden hair, insufficient nutrition and shedding. Therefore, it is best to choose some natural dog food with high meat content to feed.

2, the border

Border collie, energetic, alert and enthusiastic. IQ is equivalent to a 6 ~ 8 year old child, smart is one of its major characteristics. He may be the most intelligent dog in the test. The border Collie is not only the best pet dog in life, but also a companion dog and a good guard dog for the family. You need to train more, exercise more and reward yourself with snacks or you won’t be able to handle it!

3. Doberman

Bold, sensitive, resolute, decisive, easy to bite. Dobermans are natural guard dogs, intelligent and powerful.

This dog is resistant to heat and cold, suitable for city life. The coat is short and does not require frequent grooming. Easy to train, friendly to people, but not easy to get along with other dogs. Good constitution, easy to raise, not picky food!

4, GSD

Because of its tall stature, powerful appearance, and strong working ability, it is active all over the world as a military dog, police dog, search and rescue dog, guide dog, shepherd dog, ornamental dog, and domestic pet dog.

5, saks

This dog does not need much outdoor activity and is suitable to be kept in an apartment. It’s not very easy to train. You’d better get someone to train you. Myna dogs are very protective of their owners, if strangers approach, will bark loudly. Pugs are thoughtful, lovable little dogs that do not need exercise or regular grooming of their back hair, but do need companions.

The dog has a bad place, is the body odor is severe, usually should pay attention to regular bath, and diet should pay attention to, can not be casually fed some leftovers, or some poor commodity food, these are not good for dogs, should be fed some healthy green natural dog food.

6. Labrador

Labrador retrievers are intelligent, alert and understanding. Gentle and even-tempered, neither dull nor overactive. Be kind to people, be loyal to people. Love to play, especially love to play games with others. Usually is also a good physical dog, for the first time to raise a dog, there will be no difficulty!

7. Alaska Dog

The Alaskan malamute is strong, powerful, muscular and deeply chested. When they stand with their heads upright and their eyes alert and curious, they give the impression of being energetic and proud. This kind of dog, energetic, exercise a lot, and eat a surprising amount, the usual cost of breeding is also very high.

8. Corgis

For corgi breeders, there are those who like personalities, those who like heads, those who like short legs… But what is unexpected is that nearly 60 percent of families actually like its big, round ass. Corgis are small creatures of great faith. Beautiful, smart, loyal and loving are the comments of everyone. The dog is also easy to shed the dog, so the usual diet must pay attention to comprehensive nutrition, choose some nutritious natural dog food feeding.

9. Samoyed

Samoyed (English: Samoyed) is a member of the fox dog family, originally bred by the Samoyed people of Siberia. Characteristic is the smile of samoya, who looks like he’s always smiling and likes to be close to people. Appearance level is high, active, easy to tear marks dog, usually can not feed too salty food to it!

10. Chinese pastoral dog

The Chinese pastoral dog is one of the indigenous dog breeds in China. Carnivorous not strong, partial omnivorous diet. It is very similar to the Wolf in appearance, with a short mouth and a flat forehead. The region is widely distributed, mainly in the south of the Great Wall, east of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with the Central Plains as the center of the low-altitude Han nationality gathering place, which is the product of thousands of years of agricultural background of The Han Nationality in China. The traditional name is “native dog”, called “grass dog” in the south, and called “Firewood dog” and “stupid dog” in some parts of the north.

However, due to the large number of imported exotic breeds, the Chinese pastoral dog is now discriminated against as a breed. But xiaobian believes that we can’t ignore our native dogs.

Dietary considerations:

Diet is the single most important factor affecting your dog’s health. Dog food can ensure your dog gets all the nutrients it needs, but with all the dog food out there, which one should we choose? Is the more expensive the better? NO! Choose the best food for your dog, not the most expensive. So the most important thing to choose dog food is to choose good nutrition of natural dog food, here recommend greedy not greasy natural dog food, no preservatives, no additives, no attractant, low salt and low oil, nutrition rest assured!

Conclusion: Which dog do you like best?