The golden Retriever has topped the list of the top five dogs with the IQ of a seven-year-old child

1. Border Collie: It is one of the most intelligent dogs in the world. Its learning ability and understanding ability are particularly strong, and it knows how to detect signs and expressions.

2. Poodles: They are active, alert, and graceful. Ranked second among all dogs, an adult poodle has the IQ of a five – or six-year-old child.

3. German Shepherd dog: It is recognized as one of the most excellent working dogs in the world. It is docile and alert, and is widely used in military dogs or police dogs.

4. Golden Retriever: 4th on the canine IQ list. Be kind to small children or infants. Enthusiastic, alert, confident and not afraid of life, mostly used as guide dogs and pet dogs.

5. Doberman: A very brave small dog, it is lively and brave, alert, and calm, excellent family dog, is the fifth dog in the world.