The character of the Orange cat

Orange Cat personality traits:

1, not picky:

The reason why orange cats are so easy to keep is that they are never picky about what they eat. They will eat almost anything, and they have an excellent appetite and are rarely picky about what they eat. Orange cats are also more likely to gain weight than other cats. Chubby orange cats sometimes look cute, but don’t let them get fat. Take them out for more exercise.

2. Occasionally naughty:

Orange cats have a lively and active personality and tend to bark. Naughty love to play, like to act in pettish and very close relatives. While orange cats are one of the more docile of all cats, they also have an unpredictable side, causing their owners to laugh and cry when they wear their fur. But playing with them is a good way to bond with each other, even though orange cats are very peepy, sometimes they find it fun to be with them.

3. Obedient:

Among all the cats, the small orange cat is particularly obedient one kind of cat, their personality is extremely good, will not bring other troubles to the master. And pandas and people are easy to establish a close relationship, this kind of cat is easy to keep, but also clever.

Additional information:

Orange cat fur color:

Orange cat (orange cat, orange cat) is a common coat color of domestic cats, commonly found in hybrid cats and registered purebred cats without a unique prescribed coat color, regardless of breed, related to coat genes. Include earth yellow, light yellow, tangerine, tangerine and so on.

As with the three flowers and tortoisesbill turtles, there is no limit to the breed, the American shorthair, the exotic shorthair, the Japanese truncated tail, the Japanese shorthair, the Oriental shorthair, the Persian cat, the Maine coon and many other breeds all have orange individuals, can be collectively referred to as the orange cat, the orange cat is not a breed, nor specifically refer to a hybrid cat.