How to train Alaska? A wave of training tutorials

His full name is Alaskan Sled Dog and he is one of the oldest sled dogs in the polar regions. With strong limbs, muscular muscles and strong bones, he was used for transport and hunting in ancient times when civilization was still underdeveloped, and even for hunting polar bears. In this process, Alaskan dogs slowly develop a quiet, noble temperament and loyalty to their owners. But now many people keep Alaskan dog owners as pets


1. Obedience training

In fact, if you’re a puppy, you can’t start formal training until you’re five months old. Because dogs are too young, their understanding and behavior are not very good, and the training effect is not very good, even the time spent with no effect. But some people believe that dogs can develop bad habits before six months of age. For example, dogs often bite their shoes, but they don’t sit still.

So, they think they can form good habits before six months. Personally, I don’t think a dog under six months old needs to be trained very hard, but you can start to modify and improve their behavior from their daily routine. And when he’s older, he’s doing special training.

2. the training of excretion

Dog excretion training is very important, the earlier the better, you can let the dog to go outside excretion, home has a special place, you can go to the designated place at home to excretion. Can not cause open trouble because of urination. You can use all kinds of fun and delicious things when you poop training, and you can reward them when they do well. It is worth noting that you need to know in advance when your dog will be defecating when they are walking, eating, or playing. They don’t need to go to the bathroom during these times, so they use the time before or after these times to remind them to pee properly. One thing to be careful about is that the area where your dog defecates is safe.