How to nurse hair to golden hair? The method of nursing golden hair

First, adequate nutrition

Want golden hair a keep in smooth, supple, beautiful case, the host would first need to pay attention to the diet of golden retriever, to give them adequate nutrition, add enough protein, trace elements and vitamins, in addition, also need to feed dogs some vegetables and meat, of course the algae powder directly feeding have beauty hair effect also is right choice.

Second, timely insect repellent

Parasites of the nutrients of the body, not only deprive your golden retriever will also affect the golden fur health, if golden retrievers have parasites, so their hair will become dark, become rough is not beautiful, in order to avoid this situation, the master need insecticide regularly for your golden retriever, it also can effectively prevent the skin disease caused by parasites.

Third, daily care

In addition, daily care is also very important. The owner must remember to comb the golden hair every day. You should know that the hair of the golden hair is very soft and dense, and if it is not regularly combed, it will easily tangle.

Before combing the golden hair, it is suggested that parents wet the towel with warm water to help them wipe the body again, and then use the pet special brush to comb. In addition, the owner pays attention to usually take the golden hair out in the sun, do exercise, absorb more ultraviolet rays, and promote the absorption of calcium.

In addition, we should also pay attention not to bathe the golden retriever frequently. When bathing, we must use pet dog bath products, and we should not shave the golden retriever randomly. If the hair follicles are damaged, there will be no way to grow beautiful hair.