How to judge whether a Labrador is pure? Just look at these points

Labradors make excellent companion dogs, understanding and intelligent, and can help their owners a lot. How to judge whether a Labrador is pure? Just look at these points.

The head of a purebred labrador

The head of the pure-bred Labrador is well defined, the broad top of the head makes it look quite large, the ears hang slightly back on the sides of the head, the eyes are of a moderate size and are usually brown, yellow or black, and the neck is of a moderate length and not too prominent. She just looks cute and cuddly.

2. Purebred labrador limbs

The hindquarters of the Labrador are broad, muscular and well defined from the hips to the hocks, viewed from behind, and the legs are straight and parallel to each other. The claws are also strong and compact, with arched toes and well-developed pads. When the claws are extended, they are similar to uncut, which is one of the reasons why they are good at swimming. Purebred labradors have stronger bones, but they are not too big or too small.

The tail of a purebred labrador

Tail is a unique symbol of labrador, their tails root is very thick, to the sophisticated began to slowly and length is not too long, for medium length, around the whole labrador short and thick coat, so called the otter tail, tail and back when rest and exercise form a straight line, when we are happy to lift.

4. Pure labrador ears

The ears of the purebred Labrador are hung and moderately close to the head, slightly set back, slightly below the head, slightly above the level of the eyes. The ears are not too heavy and in proportion to the head, and can extend to the inside of the eyes when pulled forward.

5. Pure labrador’s personality

They are very smart. With a little training, they can understand a lot of the meaning of their owners, such as holding something and opening the door. The biggest characteristic of them is that they are docile and will not attack people.

Active labradors especially like to play games with people. The owner can increase the time of activities with them, and reward them with snacks when they perform well in daily life, which can improve their positivity.

6. Coat color of purebred labradors

Labrador retriever fur is double, a layer of soft fur, allowing them to stay warm in the cold water, a hard outer coat with a thick layer of waterproof function, lara’s back feather short and dense, the phenomenon of no curly, the colour is black, more yellow and chocolate 3 kinds of color, although be short-haired dog, but also have a wool.

Usually should pay special attention to its diet health, can not give it to eat too salty, otherwise it will aggravate hair loss, it is recommended to choose some low salt light, high meat content of natural food.

Conclusion: Can you judge purebred Labrador?