How to get rid of fleas on a cat

Methods of flea removal

If a flea is found, the first thing to do is to give it a good bath, and the bath can just put the flea unconscious, can take advantage of this time when the flea activity is low; Use manual type hold a flea, and then clean the pet mattresses, and carefully to vacuum cleaner clean environment, should be able to gradually eliminate fleas, help more clean indoor pets, such as in severe cases, the entire house, garden and cat house pesticides must be given, or done by a professional pest control personnel, match again in addition to the fleas. Flea control products are selected on the basis that they are minimally toxic to all animals except fleas and do not last long. Most products that meet this criteria need to be reused to kill the adults that are constantly emerging from the pupae.

Flea products can be divided into:

1. Flea growth control agents are artificial biochemical products similar to insect hormones, which can destroy the early life cycle of fleas and cause death. The environmentally friendly compounds in these products do not completely control fleas, but they can reduce the amount of pesticide applied.

2. Flea remover is an insecticide applied directly to the hair of a cat to allow it to dry naturally. It usually contains pyrethrum or synthetic pyrethrum, which is usually less toxic and less residual.

3. Flea sprays, coatings and powders are all kinds of insecticides, insecticide additives or growth control agents added to alcohol or water solution as spray, coating, diatomaceous soil or silicon as powder. Key parts for cat feet, back, tail, and hip, and should as far as possible against hair when applied on the skin, can use some before going out, let those who jump to cat fleas died instantly, and will not be back to home, in addition to avoid the spray or powder coated in a wound or rough skin, and don’t gush to its eyes, Because the insecticide will be quickly absorbed into the body from the broken skin, and its alcohol content is also irritating.

4. Flea collar mostly contains organophosphorus or amino carbonates and other insecticides, which dissolve in plastic ingredients and slowly release, directly acting on the flea body to make it fatal, in the flea collar validity period before it needs to be replaced.

Healthy kittens can safely use flea collars from the age of 2 months. The collar should be worn loosely, with 2 finger length and without dampness affecting its effectiveness. However, some cats that are allergic to pesticides will develop contact dermatitis when wearing a flea collar. The symptoms are hair loss and redness around the flea collar. If the collar is not removed, the skin will continue to deteriorate into large, rough and even bacterial dermatitis that requires medical attention.

┬ĄCat body fleas how to do?

To prevent fleas, keep your cat clean. Once the cat has fleas, the cat can be put on a flea collar to remove them, or use a flea comb to clean the fleas, or use flea shampoo to clean them. When fleas are particularly high, special fleas remover can be used after consultation with the animal doctor.

Because fleas will lay their eggs in the trash, keep the room clean. If a cat has fleas, it can also lead to skin disease, so all kinds of measures should be taken to eradicate fleas.