How can I fatten up my cat? 3 easy ways to keep a cat

Shovel excrement officials are not long by the milk fierce milk fierce small tiger meng arrive? The kind of furry little short legs, the meat is not very cute? How to keep the cat fat, like a little tiger, this has become a difficult problem for all shovel-poop officers, today to share with you, keep a cat master raising methods, we put the cat into a small fat tiger.

1. All-cat food feeding: Both cats and tigers are felines, and it is their nature to eat meat. Only with adequate intake of meat and nutrition, can they grow fat. For the master for fresh cat food, feel opened the door to the new world, the first time to raise a cat, can really worry broken heart, not only is a variety of cat bowl cat litter cat scratching board cat mint to wait in place, cat food cat snacks what is also picked and picked. Later also followed the net red made homemade cat food, the master love to eat, also rest assured, is too laborious! Until amway made a wish for baby cat food! My friends’ cats eat their cat food all the time, and I always thought of this fresh food as a snack like cat strips. But I didn’t expect to get it, and my Lord came smelling before I opened it! Even more crazy after the opening, kept meowing! You know normally I would like to hear bobo meow but it is very difficult, even a bag of cat food directly turned him into a small chatter, chasing my meow endless, feeding him when he kept pulling my hand, take the cat food away from me a little bit more anxious ha ha ha, funny me to death. Just because Bobo loves to eat, I’m sorry I didn’t buy it, but I haven’t bought this kind of cat food before. I did a good research on the ingredients before I bought it, and there were several vitamins in it. The imported cat food I bought before only had 2 vitamins. This fresh cat food is produced almost every day. Every time we buy it, it is fresh. And as soon as I opened it, I could smell the strong smell of meat, and I wanted to eat it!

2. Food diversity: Domestic cats are semi-domesticated animals. They still maintain a certain degree of wildness and imitate the food structure in the wild, which is an important method for them to gain fat quickly.

3. Enough water: the cat needs about 250ml water every day, and the best source is from food. I recommend the wishing cat food to the excrement removal officers, with a high meat content of more than 60%.

Also, many foods contain more than 70 percent water, so keeping your cat hydrated without drinking water can help. After reading these, do not feel the cat fat, in fact, very simple