Here are a few Alaskan training tips you should master for the sake of your family dog

Xiaobian has always had a dream of raising a big dog since childhood, but because his mother is not particularly fond of raising dogs, this dream has not been realized. When Xiaobian grew up, he left home and had his own house, but also because he was busy with work and seldom realized this dream. However, my friend gave me an Alaskan puppy for my birthday last year. Although I was very happy at first, the dog my friend gave me was very lively and active and did not listen to xiao Bian’s words.

But because xiaobian himself is not clear how to make the dog more obedient, so very confused. Finally, under the guidance of friends, little by little their Alaskan puppies trained very obedient, today xiaobian will cultivate their Alaskan dog experience to write down, to share with you. First of all, friends must remember that after you bring home the Alaskan puppy will start training it, because the Alaskan dog is easier to train before five months.

After the dog is just brought home, the owner must train the habit of eating and defecating on time. When the dog is eating, the owner must set the time and place for the dog to eat. If the dog doesn’t like the food we give it or is picky and slow to eat, then the owner can give the dog ten minutes to eat. If the dog has more than half of the food left after ten minutes, regardless of whether it is full or not, it should immediately take away the food, and can not leave the food there for it to eat.

When a dog wants to go to the bathroom, it usually shows body language, or uses grunts to tell you it wants to go to the bathroom. If your dog has such behavior, the owner needs to put the dog on the bedpan, or carry the dog to the toilet. A new puppy may be too young to walk through several houses looking for a toilet, so owners can move the bedpan to the toilet step by step as the dog grows older. When the dog is five months old and all vaccinations have been given, owners can start training their dog to defecate outside.

It is necessary to remind pet owners that dogs are habitual animals. Before five months, dogs usually defecate at home, so they will not easily change their convenient position in the outdoor defecation. At this time, the owner should take the dog around in a place several times until it is convenient for the dog to complete. When the dog defecates and urinates outside, the owner should also give certain food rewards to the dog, so that the dog thinks that it is a very happy thing for the owner to do outdoors. When the dog can master all these things, it will be very easy for the owner to walk the dog or feed the dog in daily life.