Golden Retriever vs. Labrador: Who would you keep after reading these six comparisons?

Golden retrievers and Labradors are popular pet dogs. Not only do they look alike (to the untrained eye), but they are also ideal for seeing eye dogs and police dogs.

Both breeds have the same advantages and have many similarities. There are many golden retrievers and Labradors, but who is better? Read this six big contrast, everybody in the mind have a number of!

Comparison 1: Feeding space

The Golden retriever is a large retriever, and the Labrador is a medium retriever, and generally the Labrador is a little bit smaller than the golden retriever.

Dog owners all know that dogs have certain requirements for breeding space, small family is not suitable for large dogs, raising not only limits the dog’s range of activity, but also more prone to collision or demolition behavior.

So the Labrador is a little bit better at this point.

Comparison two: amount of exercise

Golden retrievers and Labradors are both sporty dogs, and both tend to be extremely active during their formative years until they are two years old or older.

Whether raising a golden retriever or a labrador, walking outside for two or three hours is simply not enough time to meet the needs of golden retrievers and labradors. If not, golden retrievers and lesbians are more likely to tear apart their homes.

Although the two can not be directly compared with exercise demand, but generally large dogs, exercise demand is greater, so it may be better to choose to raise a labrador, the owner does not have to walk the dog for too long.

Comparison 3: Appearance

Golden retrievers and Labradors are both cute and handsome dogs. If you have to talk about a level of appearance, I believe that the king of popularity will be the golden retriever!

Golden retriever is a long-haired dog, with an elegant soft, shiny hair, people rely on clothes, Buddha depends on gold, golden retriever has a beautiful golden retriever, of course, will be more handsome and good-looking!

In the aspect of appearance level, there is no doubt that it is more attractive to raise golden hair, love. Like dog appearance level of people, choose to raise golden retriever better!

Contrast 4: Food intake

Both golden retrievers and Labradors are known for their voracious appetites, with the labrador being known to “eat a lot more”.

It’s also impossible to make an exact comparison, but we can still infer from body size that maintaining a large dog would require a higher intake of nutrients than the average dog.

So in terms of food intake, the golden retriever should be able to eat more than the Labrador.

Contrast 5: IQ

The golden retriever ranks fourth among dogs in intelligence, equivalent to that of a 6-7 year old child; The labrador came in seventh, though not by much.

Still, it is clear that retrievers are more efficient at training and mastering skills than labradors.

A golden retriever or labrador can be trained more efficiently by being rewarded with treats.

Contrast 6: Hair care

Golden retriever is a long-haired dog breed, labrador is a short-haired dog breed, so in feeding and nursing, the labrador hair is more easy to take care of, there will be no hair knots, not easy to comb the situation.

In addition to the golden hair or a particularly large amount of shedding dogs, usually walking will also shed, usually pay more attention to light diet and nutrition, otherwise it will aggravate the golden hair loss.

Staple food can choose some protein rich, containing deep-sea fish oil dog food, supplement dog hair amino acids, omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, is conducive to smooth and flexible dog hair!