Can you fight if Alaska doesn’t listen to you

Give it a name, teach it some qualitative content, get a teething toy, don’t let Alaska eat.

Give it a name

So we can call him better when we train him, and we have to call him when we are with Alaska, so he can understand his name better. When training Alaska, you have to have a good diet before that.

2, teach it some qualitative content, training it

For example, sit, stop, eat, do well are these short words, don’t use sentences, that kind of content is too complicated for Alaska. Practice using these words all the time, and then ask him to do something without suddenly changing what he says.

For example, keep asking Alaska to sit down, keep saying sit down, and then one day say sit down. Alaska may not be able to respond right away, so the word should never be changed. You can also add gestures when specifying words. For example, when alaskans are told to sit down, they can point down with their hands.

3. Get a teething toy

To correct their bad habit of biting, at the age of three months, Alaskans enter the period of tooth replacement when their teeth feel very itchy and they want to bite to relieve the symptoms. In order to avoid them in the home furniture and valuables to be broken, the host must give them some toys that can grind teeth.

4. Don’t let Alaska eat

It is the nature of pet dogs to pick up food on the street, in the garden or in every corner of the house, and they do not know how to refuse food from strangers. For such a situation, the owner must do a good job of education, because it is easy to get intestinal diseases and picky eating problems.

Matters needing attention:

1, training Alaskan dogs must start from the puppy period of training, because this is the golden age of dog memory, but also easy to rely on the owner, obey the command, if you miss the golden training stage, want to train again, there will be relatively difficult.

2, from the training time, should not train the dog for a long time, but should do step by step, for example, the first day of training for 5 minutes, the second day of training for 10 minutes, the third day of training for half an hour, so that the dog has a process to take over, and in the training process, the dog owner must be very patient.

Because Alaska dog although not stupid, but after all, not as smart as the golden retriever, many people because of training many times, the dog still did not progress, then beat and scold, this is firmly can not, will produce a lot of psychological pressure in the dog’s heart.