Are shiba inu good? Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of shiba inu

Are shiba inu good? What about its personality? Is it easy to feed? Many problems, such as, it seems that you are very interested in firewood dog, but our wood dog could have been a popular dog, there are a lot of people are ready to start feeding the dog, but is they don’t know, still hesitant, then let the dog small make up and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of firewood dog for everyone, By the time you know what you’re doing.

Advantages, disadvantages and personality analysis of shiba inu:

One, shiba inu shortcomings:

We are only from the point of the appearance of firewood dog, they look more loyal, but their personality is stubborn, they are smart, naturally keen, more personality, independent, not particularly dependent on host, but they are particularly fond of naysayers and host, intentionally resist, feeling a bit upside down, so they added difficulty to the training, The cost of the need to be master a lot of effort and patience, the domain of the shiba inu consciousness is strong, so the host should appropriately when training constraints on its character, as it’s temperament, and not let it appear attack other animals or human phenomenon, there are a lot of veterinarians and professional pet grooming are afraid of firewood dog, if you don’t have to bring it out master the traction rope, They get lost easily.

Two, shiba inu advantages:

But they are naturally more intelligent sensitive, learn things faster, they more love clean, can ensure the neatness of your body all day long, although their size is not big, but it’s the guard consciousness and vigilance is high, to master also calculate loyalty, even though it is naughty but are relatively easy to tame, personality is relatively stable, dependable,¬†They like to stand on high and look down at the bottom, as if observing the wind and grass around them with their keen eyes. In addition, their physical quality is better, stronger, and their movements are more flexible and agile, so they are more suitable for domestic companion dogs. At present, many families in China have Shiba Dogs.

Three, shiba inu personality characteristics

Firewood dog’s character is relatively although some naughty, but also is relatively stable, in addition they are naturally more intelligent, curious about new things full of lines, understanding ability is good, so they are more likely to be tamed, maybe all dogs have nature, their territory consciousness is stronger, natural disposition is lively, vigilance and alertness are high, very suitable for housekeeping hoarders, It’s also a great companion dog.

The above is the detailed analysis of shiba inu. Have you considered it?