3 black mouth law fight big, medium, small, looks all the same! The net friend sees at first glance stupefied: statue

Recently, a dog owner shared a photo of his three French fighting dogs walking around the house. They all have strong bodies and plump black mouth meat. What’s more, they all look the same, smiling at the camera in order of “big, medium and small”.

On the left are father, eldest daughter and youngest daughter.

In the picture, we can see that the three fighting dogs are arranged according to the size of the dog, in addition to the trademark ears and pink tongue, they also have black mouth meat, almost the same appearance, as if carved from the same mold.

According to the owner, the dogs in the photo are father and daughter, with father, eldest daughter and youngest daughter on the left. Because they are family members, they look very similar to each other. Usually, dogs like to go out for a walk and play with a ball.

Both sisters looked the same when they were born.